The Monsters Are Loose!


Simply set in each location how likely it is any of your Wandering Monsters might appear.

With the new battle events, you have lots of powerful ways to make things happen for your players during battle.

New Physical Traits you can set for your players and characters help determine how difficult a battle may be for them.

Objects in your story can now be enabled as weapons or armor, and can have their own damage or protection potential.

It’s quick and easy to control all the possible wandering beasties your players might encounter in your story.

The looming release of the next Wunderverse has a big, scary new problem…

Wandering Monsters!

It’s a fun new feature that lets you add random (or not so random) monster encounters to your stories!

Freedom to Roam

It’s about to get super easy to add creatures that wander your worlds, causing havoc for players as they go.

You simply set up the list of possible beasties that can be encountered. Then, in each of your story locations, you set how likely or unlikely it is they might appear! It’s that simple, and that flexible.

A Fierce New Battle Mode

But we didn’t stop there. Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to have a fun combat system built into Wunderverse. We just wanted to make sure it was done in Wunderverse style. And that means fully interactive.

The new Battle Mode engages whenever a battle begins with a monster or character in your story, showing updates of hits and misses, and your current health. All the normal interactive story controls are available as you battle your foe.

With that goal in mind, a new Battle Mode has now been integrated into your adventures. It becomes active during battle encounters, and it comes with lots of ways you can customize the encounter using new Events, Outcomes and Conditions created specifically for facing your scary new beasts. As with all the other events in Wunderverse, you can make things happen, now, when your monsters hit or miss your players, when your players hit or miss your monsters, or when either one of them wins or looses the battle!

Plus any of your non-playable characters can be set up as opponents your players can choose to battle too!

Objects in your stories can now be set as weapons and armor.

Objects in your stories can now be set as weapons and armor.

Tipping the Balance of Power

Of course, to make battles really fun, you need things that might tip the outcome for your players one way or the other—things that determine certain advantages or disadvantages they may have. So we’ve added new Physical Traits you can set for all your story and player characters—things like how much basic damage they can do, how agile they are, or how successful they might be at evading attacks.

And even better, the objects you place in your stories can now be set up as weapons or armor for players to find and equip—each with their own damage and defense potentials.

Things Are About to Get a Little More Lively Around Here!

We’re excited to get all these new Wandering Monster and Battle Mode features in your hands to see what imaginative new ways you will use them in your adventures!

Look for the updates later this Summer or Fall.