A New World Found in the Wunderverse!

As the release of the next version of Wunderverse gets closer, some exciting news has just come in... a new world has been found!

life in the (really) big city.

Way out in a vast and distant asteroid belt a singular and rare rock tumbles amongst trillions of others. Somehow, on this one spinning boulder, a colossal city thrives with billions of people all unaware of their unique place in space.

As strange as that may be, this massive metropolis is no different than big cities on Earth. It bustles with people, traffic, pollution, noise, and all the hopes and burdens of human life.

Welcome to Urban Rock.

What kind of adventures happen here?

Life here is like any modern city on Earth. You will find it is no different than New York City, London, San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, or Dubai with all the same nuances of crime, violence, politics, and human existence that any one of these cities endure.

In other words, Urban Rock is the perfect place for thrilling actionmystery, suspense, horror, and human drama in (and around) a big city.

But how is a city floating on a rock?

Because these are the kinds of worlds you find in the Wunderverse!

For some time, players have wondered if a world existed out here where they could create and explore contemporary adventure stories in a modern metropolitan setting. Our Search & Rescue Team set out to see if such a world existed... and this is what they discovered!

You can’t help but wonder what is happening down in all those thousands of streets, subways, alleys, parks, apartments, and seedy places of business.

All of that will be for you to imagine and discover, of course!

Sights and sounds by T.K. Watkins and Brian Hill.

A special thanks to Brian Hill for creating the background soundtrack for Urban Rock. We always love hearing what comes out of Brian’s imagination. He has arranged something really fun to help invoke the huge patchwork of life happening on this bustling world. Make sure to listen for his other great soundtracks throughout all the worlds of the Wunderverse.

And a big thanks to the great T.K. Watkins for coming up with visions of what Urban Rock looks like from up in space and and down on the streets. As he does with all the many wonderful sights he creates for the Wunderverse, he explored a few variations again this time to make sure Urban Rock felt like a place for big city adventures. And boy, does it!

It’s a ton of fun looking at these new images and imagining all the things that could be going on down on this crazy boulder. (We especially love the view of the nearby asteroids floating in the sky above the traffic light!)