Accessing Your Stories Between Mac and iOS


The new version of Wunderverse uses iCloud to help keep your stories in sync between your iOS and Mac devices. You can edit a story on your Mac, for example, and then grab your iPad or iPhone and your latest edits will be there waiting for you to continue editing on the go! *

Your stories, of course, will be kept in sync between your iPad and iPhone too.

Basically, the way it works is that any time you make edits to a story, those changes will be uploaded to iCloud the next time you exit out of the Story Map and return to the Story Browser. 

It works similar to how iBooks keeps your books in sync between devices.

getting old ipad stories onto your mac.

If you have been using the original iPad version of Wunderverse (version 2.6 and earlier) and are now using the new Mac version, you can use this syncing feature to get your old stories off your iPad and onto your Mac by following these steps...

  1. Install the new version of Wunderverse on your iPad.
  2. Import your old stories into the new Wunderverse when it asks you to. Or go to the Rocket Settings panel (see page 3 of the Travel Guide) and tap “Import Old Stories” to import them manually. (Note that this button will only be visible on your iPad in the new version if you have stories from the earlier version of Wunderverse to import.) 
  3. Install the new version of Wunderverse on your Mac.
  4. Make sure you have an internet connection and are logged into iCloud Drive on both your iPad and Mac.
  5. Open a story you want to transfer in the Story Map editor on your iPad and make a small edit to it. (move a location around, for example, or edit its title). Remember, edits trigger a sync.
  6. Now exit out of the Story Map on your iPad and return to the Story Browser.
  7. Wait a few minutes (depending on how big the story is) to let the story upload to iCloud.
  8. Open Wundervers on your Mac and go to the world where your story existed on your iPad.
  9. Wait a few minutes, and your story should appear. 
  10. You can also pull-to-refresh in any world to force a sync to happen right away.

Reach out to your search-and-rescue team any time if you have any problems. They are ready and waiting to lend a hand.


* An active iCloud account and internet connection is required, and you must be logged in on both your iOS device and Mac via iCloud Drive.