An Old Friend Reimagined

return to a new dark age.

Wunderverse is a vast place for adventure—in all kinds of settings—but voyages of medieval fantasy always hold a special place in the hearts of many explorers.

Those who have traveled the Wunderverse before know that “Age of Shadow” has been the place for this kind of fun.

To make this dark age all the more special in the new version of Wunderverse, we have reimagined it with a beautiful new look, new sounds, and a new name!


Dark struggles in dark times.

Dark Morrow is now your place for dark, medieval adventure. Life here is full of hardship and misery. Most spend their lives gathering, hunting, and working their trades, all while trying to stay out of the power struggles of the ruling clans.

More troubling, though, is that in village pubs and around small campfires, some have been whispering rumors of dark forces and unnatural creatures appearing from the shadows.

These are times when ordinary folk find themselves in the middle of extraordinary adventures to overcome the unimaginable.

Are the rumors of these unnatural creatures true?

We’re afraid so. Who knows what strange beasts you will stumble upon in mountain caves, behind tall waterfalls, deep in castle dungeons, or emerging from forest shadows.

What about the dark forces?

Uncertain. If they are true, they are rare indeed. Few have ever seen or experienced them first hand. Others have only heard bout them in tales told around the campfire. But if you are one of those rare few who will face such magic... well... you could be in grave danger indeed.

Yes, after traveling back and re-charting this special world again, it is now clear Dark Morrow is a world rich with medieval adventure possibilities.

Sights by Lawrence Ruelos.

From his beautiful sketch ideas, Lawrence Ruelos has imagined an alluring new vision of what you might find on Dark Morrow.

We absolutely love the mysterious figure he added in the final version walking towards the cliff stronghold in all it’s crumbling grace. But it’s things like the mist in the valleys, and the flock of birds flying off in the distance, that really shows off Lawrence’s amazing attention to the details. 

For more of Lawrence’s brilliant work, check out his illustrations for Paranormal Planet. (see if you can spot the ghosts!)

Sounds by Brian Hill.

Our good friend, and the extremely talented Brian Hill, composed the new background soundtrack for Dark Morrow. (He created the original soundtrack for Age of Darkness too!) Brian has arranged something dark and dangerous to help invoke the harsh and troubling feel of this medieval world. 

Make sure to catch Brian’s compositions throughout all the worlds of the Wunderverse!