“Out of Gas” (A New Adventure!)


You have 24 hours to find your way out. 

There are only twenty-four hours for you to drive the wasteland highway and make a life-saving delivery. But someone has set a trap! Your vehicle rolls, leaving you unconscious. When you come to, your car’s alarm has scared away the robbers but not before you discover they siphoned and stole your gasoline.

Will you find more gas in time to make your deadline?

Look for it on The Aftermath in the Wunderverse

Wunderverse is a free interactive storytelling environment for Mac and iOS, with eight worlds for adventure. You’ll find Out of Gas on The Aftermath world.

From the mind of Gerhard Gehrke

Gerhard is the author of several science fiction novels including The Minder’s War, Nineveh's Child, A Beginner's Guide to Invading Earth, and the young adult Supervillain High series. When not writing, he can be found on the hills and trails of Northern California looking for snakes, insects, and raptors to annoy.