Rebuilding Wunderverse for Real Storytelling

Wunderverse was always intended to be a complete platform for both playing and creating interactive fiction. Before it could really become a serious platform for playing, though, it needed to become a complete platform for creating.

This has been the focus of Version 5. With this version, storytellers will now have some really nice new features for building rich adventure stories...

Available on the Mac for Professional-Grade Adventure Building

With the new Mac version, you have all the benefits of creating adventures in a full desktop environment — including easier and faster story editing, a larger Story Map editor and, of course, easy access to your trusted dictionary, thesaurus, story organizers, notes, web browser, and all those other tools you rely on for imagining grand tales.

A New, Integrated Story Map

The new, built-in Story Map editor has been completely re-designed to bring all of the control over your adventure into one fun place.

With the new Map, and its rich open-ended rules system of over 75 unique elements for influencing gameplay behind it, you’ll have a fully integrated storytelling environment that gives you surprising freedom for imagining and creating interactive stories.

From this one place, you can create tales that have all sorts of obstacles and challenges for players to overcome as they explore — all based on the actions they take, what they are carrying, their current condition, their skills and abilities, random chance, and a myriad of other things that make going on quests so much fun.

In-line Story Text Editing

Editing and tweaking your story narration is one of the things you do most when creating an adventure. Now, with Version 5, you can tap on any of your text in Preview Mode to edit it in place!

This makes it super quick and easy to adjust and edit your story as you are seeing it in action. 

A New, Open Data Format

Behind the scenes, Version 5 was built on a completely new and flexible data format that makes it much easier for new story playback features to be added to Wunderverse. It also makes it possible for Wunderverse to be ported to other platforms in the future.

New Events, Outcomes, and Conditions

Many of the core building blocks for your adventures (the Events, Outcomes, and Conditions) have been improved, enhanced or augmented with new options. Plus, with the new data format, adding new types of these building blocks will be a breeze. Expect lots of new ways you can enhance and control the outcomes of your adventures in the future! 

iCloud Syncing and Backups

Version 5 uses iCloud to sync your story-building across all your Apple devices. Work on your adventure from your Mac. Then when you grab your iPad to head out to the coffee shop or to meet up with friends, your latest changes will be available for you to continue where you left off.

Version 5 also has a new Archives feature that lets you make incremental achieves of your story as you work on it. That way you can switch back or refer to earlier revisions if you need to.

Easy Sharing

Once your grand adventures are ready for players to explore, Version 5 gives you a simple way to share with friends using iCloud Sharing. This lets you send stories to anyone, even if they don’t have Wunderverse yet. They’ll get all the info they need to get going.

Become a Published Adventure Writer!

Even better, Version 5 gives you the ability to publish your own adventure stories for anyone in the Wunderverse community to play! It’s as simple as tapping the Share button and choosing share “With Everyone!”


Creating (and Playing) on the iPhone Too

The iPhone version was always in the works, but the plan was originally to make it a simple story player for exploring Wunderverse adventures on the go. Now, with the brand new, common interface that was created for Version 5, you will be able to make all the same tweaks and edits to your stories on your iPhone too. It is a small screen to work from, but it makes it nice for quick edits when you don’t have access to your Mac or your iPad.

A Complete User Manual

An official iBooks Travel Guide has been created to help make traveling and creating adventures in the Wunderverse easier, including how-to examples for adding key types of elements to your stories (say, a wooden chest with a trap, for example!). This guide is free and available now!

What else!?

Version 5 of Wunderverse is ready for the future, with lots of room to grow. Let us know what you want! Wunderverse was built to be your platform, so please send us your ideas and feedback.