What Became of Ferris and Feona?

Illustrated by  T.K. Watkins

Illustrated by T.K. Watkins

travel back to the hamlet of mold on dark morrow.

Some may remember a small sample story included with the first version of Wunderverse that revealed the beginings of a strange mystery surrounding two twins named Ferris and Feona.

Coming this fall, you can finally travel back to their little cottage on Dark Morrow and experience their full, incredible tale!

Something odd is happening...

...with twins around the hamlet of Mold. A curiously high number are born there, and many face peculiar fates.

Take Ferris and Feona. Tragedy struck late one night when they lost both of their parents in a freak fire at their father’s forge. Now, a year later, on the morning of their sixteenth birthdays, their full mysterious fate is about to unfold...

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Ferris and Feona: The Full Tale will be our first published story available this fall, but you don’t have to wait for it to become available. We are looking for talented storytellers and great adventures to publish! Get the free travel guide (i.e. the user manual) and start thinking about what kind adventures you want to create. You could be our first featured author!