eight known worlds in the Wunderverse.

There have been eight worlds discovered in the Wunderverse (so far) where adventures can take place...


Dark Morrow

A dark, medieval age where everyday life is a struggle for the next loaf of bread to eat or dry bed to sleep.

More troubling is that in village pubs and around small campfires, folks are whispering rumors of dark forces and unnatural creatures appearing in the shadows.


Urban Rock

Way out in a vast and distant asteroid belt a singular and rare rock tumbles amongst trillions of others. Somehow, on this one spinning boulder, a colossal city thrives with billions of people all unaware of their unique place in space.

As strange as that may be, this massive metropolis is no different than big cities on Earth. It bustles with people, traffic, pollution, noise, and all the hopes and burdens of human life.


Hidden Treasures

A world where the first propeller planes and ocean liners are making it possible for explorers to discover the far reaches and hidden corners of the planet.

With this exploration, ancient history and extraordinary artifacts are being uncovered. Some of these discoveries are turning out to be quite mysterious and powerful, and the race has begun to see who can possess them first!


Paranormal Planet

What happens after we die? Do our spirits move on? Can some become ghosts or violent shadows? Most will deny it, but some know first hand the bumps you hear and blurs of light you see at night may be more than you are willing to believe.

This is a world where exciting and sometimes terrifying encounters are being made with life beyond what we know. Keep an open mind, be prepared for the unexpected, and most important of all, keep a light near by.


Fedora Noir

It’s a boozy, smoke-filled, black and white way of life in the big city and rural hamlets. The Great Depression is over but the world is still a dark and dreary place.

Meet characters here whose stories are steeped in crime. Infused with false accusations, double-crosses and betrayals, their tales often end with grim consequences.


Atomic Space

Out here you’ll experience space-age adventure with retro rocket ships, atomic jet packs, automated robots, and ray-gun communicators.

Futuristic electronics, old fashion ingenuity, and scientific know-how are all you need to explore unknown ocean depths, far away planets, and fend off evil scientists and strange aliens from outer space!


The Aftermath

A world left to survive after an unimaginable war. Old food and dirty water are sought after and guarded like treasure. Trust, decency, and clean air are all but gone, and violence is often the only way to solve the most mundane conflicts.

If that weren’t enough, rogue viruses and fallout from the war have begun altering the planet’s remaining life in unexpected ways. Humanity now hangs on the brink of a new evolution.


Monster Tales

A place where dreams and nightmares come to life. Werewolves roam during the full moon, vampire-like creatures hide and hunt in shadows, and mad scientists create grotesque creatures who terrorize the countryside.

Meanwhile, in far away lands, dinosaurs roam and smash cities, once extinct animals come back to wreak havoc on the modern world, and radiated insects grow to be huge monsters killing anything in their way.