terms of use

When submitting content, you agree to the following terms.

In these Terms of Use, “we”, “us” and “our” refers to Durable Brand Software and our affiliated companies as appropriate.

The term "Content" refers to the adventure stories and any related content you submit through the Wunderverse app, related apps, websites, and social outlets.

Please note that we reserve the right to alter these terms without advance notice by posting revised Terms of Use. Accordingly, you should review these terms each time you submit Content. These Terms of Use were last revised April, 2018

About You and Your Content

You agree and warrant that:

  • You are the sole owner of the Content you are submitting, including any and all images, photos, audio, music or other media included in the Content.
  • Your Content is appropriate for ages 12 and up.
  • Your Content is complete, proofread, working, and tested.
  • You have not illegally copied or plagiarize any part of your Content.
  • Your Content does not contain any material that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, harassing, violent, hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Your Content does not include or promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Your Content does not include sexually explicit or pornographic material.
  • Your Content does not promote any illegal activity, or advocate, promote, or assist any unlawful act.
  • Your Content does not infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or intellectual property.
  • Any descriptions or use of real people (living or otherwise) in your Content is done so legally and with their consent.
  • Your Content does not involve or promote real-world commercial activity such as contests, sweepstakes, self-promotions, and other sales, barter, or advertising.
  • Any credits or attributions you provide for people that contributed to your Content have been provided so legally and with their consent.
  • Our use of your Content does not require any payment to any person or entity and does not require any additional licensing, authorization, approval or consent.
  • Our use of your Content will not violate any rights or privacy of any person or entity and will not violate any laws.

Use of the Content

Except for Content that is Work Made for Hire (WFH), you retain full ownership rights in your Content.

However, by submitting your Content to us you hereby grant us an unlimited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, modify, prepare derivative works of, and to display and promote your Content as needed.

We may use your Content indefintely in our apps, on our websites and social media outlets, or in any other form that is available now or that becomes available in the future.

Whether we choose to use the Content or not is solely our choice. We have no obligation to use the Content and we may remove or stop using the Content at any time, for any reason. 

Reporting Issues

We will provide a way for people to report problems and concerns with the Content.

If it is determined, either through these reports or from our own discovery, that your Content is in violation of any of these terms, we may choose to remove your Content and, based on the violation, may choose to restrict your ability to submit Content in the future.

Usage of Personal Information

We ask for your name and email address for communication purposes during the Content review process. If your Content is used and made public (published), you grant us the right to use and display the name you provided as the creator of the Content.

We will not, now or in the future, ever display, give out, or use the email address you provide for any other purpose than to communicate privately with you regarding your Content.

Later, we may also request and collect photos and bio information about you for special promotional purposes and for featuring you and your Content. If given, you grant us the right to display and use this information for public promotion.

See our complete Privacy Policy here.