core skills:

  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
  • iOS, Swift, Objective-C
  • UIKit, Core Graphics, Core Animation
  • Core Networking, REST
  • Multithreading, GCD
  • Core Data, CloudKit, AWS
  • BLE, Core Location Services
  • Android
  • React Native, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

about shawn.

Shawn McKee is a lead mobile developer & architect. Founder of Durable Brand Software.

Shawn is an experienced, self-guided, senior-level developer with a particular focus on quality user experience. He has successfully contributed to, or led the development of, a wide range of projects from health and insurance apps to social and consumer media.

His primary skills are in architecting and developing native, enterprise-level iOS and Android apps, with some additional experience in React Native, JavaScript and other Web front-end technologies. 

Shawn feels as comfortable leading and guiding a technical team as he does contributing as one of its members. He has a long history of working well with agile design and product teams, understanding how to best integrate the design and feature development process with the technical implementation. 

Shawn started Durable Brand Software as a place to develop his own apps and to hone his skills between projects. He freelances through Durable Brand and as an independant contractor. For 7+ years he has had the honor of consulting primarily with the great folks at Blue Rocket.

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Shawn is located in San Rafael, offering his skills for on-site work in San Francisco and North Bay, or remote telecomuting work as needed.